Monday, November 30, 2015

Review Toysmith Robot Claw, Worth its weight in gold

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the Toysmith Robot Claw, so i have to tell.

My son insisted that he wanted a "robotic arm" for her birthday as his friend. This was her favorite gift! Uses him as a firefighter's outfit, a Carpenter's tool, he snatches toys from under the bed, reaching things off the shelves high, he chases his younger brother with it. the claw do a ratchet sound, but it is annoying not nearly as many of the toys "noise" out there. best 5 bucks I spent on a toy in a long time.

Toysmith Robot Claw

The Toysmith Robot Claw is a fun and functional toy that provides hours of imaginative fun. The Robot Claw can reach objects up to 18-inches away and trap them securely in its clutches. The claw makes a fun ratcheting sound when the handle is squeezed. Soft rubber tips at the end of each claw help create a secure grip. More than a toy, the claw is a handy tool for grabbing small .... Read more or Check Price


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